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About The Cronins

Commemorating the 78th anniversary of a business is a milestone; doing so with dedicated staff members is truly a celebration!

In receivership when we originally acquired the business, my wife Pam and I knew we faced some challenges but we had no idea of the extent of restoration, renovation, reinvention and revitalization that would confront us. One half of the warehouse had burnt down; we rebuilt it and added sufficient racking to house over 20 containers. In order to re-establish the reputation as the largest shell retailer in the world, we began purchasing shells and other merchandise globally! This abundance of merchandise has allowed our wholesale division to expand steadily.

Continuous change has been our goal for the eighteen acre facility. We brought in Subway, a national franchise, a U.S. Post Office Contract Station, the North Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce and Vision One Real Estate, the fastest growing North Fort Myers Realtor. An expansion to the Game Room and Video Arcade has created an atmosphere of family bonding, with over fifty electronic games and rides. The most recent addition, daily Hermit Crab Races has been a huge hit!

This entire project has been a labor of love and has become our second home, to which we invite you and your family. Plan your next full day of “family fun” at the Shell Factory and Nature Park.

Tom and Pam Cronin


Hakuna Matata    “No worries for the rest of your days!”