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Nature Park

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At our Nature Park and Botanical Gardens, you will find over 400 animals living here from alligators to a zebra! Raccoons, Coatimundis, Kinkajous and Lemurs are just a few who call this 4 1/2 acre park home.

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Enter into one of the aviaries to see a wide variety of birds, iguanas, tortoises and turtles roaming freely waiting for you to feed them.

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Inside the Eco Lab, you will find native and exotic snakes and reptiles, also hissing cockroaches and a variety of spiders and insects that call this building home.

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Get up close and personal with a few farm animals and some exotics too! Come meet Zack our miniature Zebu, Hampton our mini pig and our African Porcupines who are always ready to accept a snack! Come in and play with our Dwarf Nigerian Goats. Coming soon Guinea Pig Town and our pair of Striped Skunks Flower and Thumper!

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Enjoy the Gator Slough where you will witness some of Florida’s oldest and largest natural predators.

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And soooo much more!! Dinosaur Park, a playground, Picnic area and outdoor butterfly garden.

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Nature Park
Entrance Fees

Seniors (55+) $10
Adult $13
Children (4 to 12) $8
Children 3 & under Free

Look for our new Rain Forest attraction. Lots of cool stuff, provided by Pottery Express